30th anniversary set - Eye care

This set focuses on eye care. Included is: 1x Eye Gel - 30ml 1x Face Fluid 30ml 1x Face Cream - 50ml
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€ 109.30
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Eye Gel 30ml
This cool and rapidly absorbed eye gel, ideal for the delicate eye area, reduces puffiness and moisturises the skin. St. John’s wort and edelweiss extract provide optimal skincare for the eye area.

Face Fluid 30ml
This daily freshness boost for tired and stressed skin on the face is quickly absorbed thanks to its light texture, leaving the skin looking fresh and recuperated in a short space of time. Dandelion has an anti-inflammatory effect while edelweiss extract nourishes the skin and supports key cell functions and the skin’s own defence mechanisms.

Face cream 50ml
This rapidly absorbed skincare cream moisturises and supports the skin’s acid-base balance. Edelweiss extract activates the skin’s protective mechanisms and boosts its defences. Evening primrose oil soothes and regenerates the skin.

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Herbal Essence Yarrow 15ml

Yarrow strengthens the connective tissues and veins and relieves stress. It also has balancing and regulating properties. Yarrow helps the skin to restore its balance. It is therefore suitable for treating stressed, irritated and oily or impure skin as well as couperose. Application: Apply 5 to 10 drops of essence onto the décolleté, neck and face and work well into the skin. Apply a face cream on-top. Every essence can be used under a mask or mixed with body lotion.
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These three products can be perfectly combined for facial cleansing: Cleanser 100ml Tonic 100ml Face Cream - 50ml
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Best price set - Face

These three products in combination makes your skin glow: Face Mask 50ml Face Scrub 50ml Face Cream - 50ml
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Toner 100ml

The refreshing facial toner harmonises and refines the complexion after cleansing. Wild thyme and dandelion purify and soothe the skin. Application: Add toner to a cotton wool pad in the morning and evening after cleansing, then gently clean the face, neck and décolleté. Let your face absorb the toner for a short time. Finally, apply the skincare treatment. Suitable for all skin types, pH value 7,5 - 8,0
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