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Buy now all four herbal essences wild thyme, dandelion, angelica and yarrow as a set.
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Dandelion has a cooling effect, especially when treating muscle strain and supports regeneration. It soothes and cleanses. As dandelion has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is suitable for use on combined, normal and oily skin types with skin impurities.

Thyme has a warming effect, boosts the respiratory system, supports relaxation and creates inner calm. Wild thyme boosts the circulation. It is ideal for normal and combined skin types.

Yarrow strengthens the connective tissues and veins and relieves stress. It also has balancing and regulating properties. Yarrow helps the skin to restore its balance. It is therefore suitable for treating stressed, irritated and oily or impure skin as well as couperose.

Angelica supports regeneration and has a strengthening, boosting and harmonising effect overall. It increases energy and vitality. Angelica is particularly suited to dry and mature skin and can be applied to treat stretch marks and cellulite.

Application of herbal essences:

The use of herbal essences is very versatile:
Together with the Balance Alpine 1000+ moisture serum, mix 2 pumps of the serum with 1 drop of herbal essence and apply to the décolleté, neck and face and massage in gently, can be used daily under the day and/or night care, depending on the skin type.

Face wash: 1 drop in approx. 0.5 - 0.75 liters of water, daily support for the regulation of the skin's metabolism

Full bath: approx. 1/2 pipette into a warm full bath

Energy boost: mixing one drop of the essence to 1 liter of water or warm tea

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